Syren Nagakyrie‘s diligent work as one of the organizers of Many Gods West this year impressed me. She is a talented writer, skilled priestess, and community-builder. Her work has been published at Gods&Radicals – Pagan Anti-Capitalism, and in the recent Pagan Leadership Anthology published by Immanion Press. In July she was a featured performer at Grief Rites. She led a grief circle at Many Gods West that received outpourings of appreciation, and she will also be leading the upcoming Community Ritual of Grieving in October, here in Portland.

Syren’s ongoing efforts richly deserve support from the communities she serves. Everyone who attended Many Gods West this year benefited greatly from her work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly! If each person who appreciated MGW contributed to her Patreon our communities would benefit greatly, as her time would then become more available for the work she does best.
Danica Swanson, The Black Stone Hermitage

Syren Nagakyrie possesses the rare power of manifesting other people’s hopes, dreams, and passions … Even if you don’t know Syren and never meet her, she’s one of the driving forces behind quite a few powerful and beautiful things that are changing the world and creating precisely the sort of community that polytheists, Pagans, and others have desperately wanted. You should totally know her.
Rhyd Wildermuth, Paganarch

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