Help Syren Start Over Without Homelessness

Winter 2018 UPDATE I have been in lovely, temporary housing in the West End of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state since late Fall. I’ve really come to love it here and feel like I may have finally found a home. It’s time to start making long term plans.

My goal is still to find a land based community of some type that would be open to my skill set and my need for regular solitude. My first priority is to stay on the Olympic Peninsula. I’d love to stay on the West End but am open to anywhere. My second priority would be anywhere in the coastal region of the Pacific Northwest. Third would be anywhere West of the Cascades.

My timeframe is currently open ended but that could change, and I’d like to have some options by summer. Let me know if you have ideas or want to talk!

UPDATE Unfortunately, the trailer was a flop. It was going to need more than a couple of things to make it truly livable off-grid, especially through the winter. That was a major disappointment, which was followed soon after with the realization that it was not going to work out on the farm either. So I’m back at the drawing board, envisioning a stable living situation. I’ll write more about the journey I’ve been on in a separate post, but for now I am going to leave this page up as both a chronicle, explanation, and because I will still need support.


UPDATE Here’s my new home!!! I’m so grateful to everyone that helped make this happen. Its going to be so cozy! I’m actually looking forward to moving into it.
I was given the trailer for an amazing price, and while it will need a couple of things, the rest of the money raised will go towards helping me get started and sustain myself. I’ll leave the links up for a little while longer and then take this page down. Thank you all so so much.

The past 12 months have been the most difficult of my life. In March 2016 my sister died suddenly, throwing me into a financial and emotional tailspin while also handling the practical issues surrounding someone’s death. In October I severely injured my knee, which I am still recovering from. I then received an eviction notice from the landlord, which I fought and won additional time.

And now I am facing a divorce and the complete loss of my home on May 1.

During all of this I have continued to juggle and meet my obligations, to follow through on commitments I have made to others and to the community through the many projects I am involved in. And I have been very publicly transparent about my grief. What I have not been as public about is the condition of my marriage and the turmoil that I have been dealing with.

It has not been a healthy relationship and it needs to end. Unfortunately, that leaves me in a very dangerous situation. For the past 18 months, I have been unable to work a wage labor job due to injury/disability, grief, and conditions in my marriage. Now I find myself without a recent employment history, no verifiable income, and very little money to my name. I am facing homelessness under these conditions.

I am trying to view this as an opportunity. Once everything else is stripped away there is no choice but to look at your true self and your desires. Here is the possibility to not only further live out my personal values and ideals, but to fulfill a dream that I have had for years.

I have the opportunity to live with friends on their off-grid farm while I get my bearings and decide a long-term plan. But I have to make sure my immediate basic needs are met and I have a roof over my head. To do this I plan to purchase a motorhome to live in. This way regardless of where I go I will be able to bring my home with me. It is the most realistic, quickest solution right now since I am on such a tight timeline.

My current resources are:
friends’ land to live on
spousal support of $700/mo
– a Patreon currently funded at $200/mo
– a (hybrid) vehicle to drive
– a current pledge of $1300 towards moving expenses
– YOU – my friends and community

My needs are:
– a motorhome to live in
– additional monthly financial support in pledges or work
– someone familiar with motorhomes to help me with a decision (and purchase)

I am open to meeting my need for a motorhome in a couple of ways: either purchasing one used (without financing) or borrowing one.

If I raise $2,500 I can purchase an RV that is in livable condition but will probably need work. For $4000 I can purchase something more comfortable that will thus support my community building, activist and grief work better. Given the firm timeline I am on, I unfortunately do not have the time to look for the best deal out there and will have to make a decision quickly.

April 15 will be the deadline to raise funds for the purchase of an RV. I will continue to raise funds after that date for other expenses (moving, repairs, etc.), but whatever funds I have on April 15 will be what I make a purchase with.

Please help as you are able; by donating, sharing, asking that friend who has an RV sitting beside their house if they’d be willing to help someone out. If you believe in helping disabled queer femmes in abusive relationships avoid homelessness, then I hope you will do what you can.

Living simply with the land and other people has always been a dream of mine. I would like to craft my life as a form of resistance: resistance to capitalism and wage labor, resistance to living on land as property, resistance to the individualist isolation of our culture. I am holding and opening to both the excitement of new things and the anxiety of losing the old and what is known. The tension between creation and destruction, new and the old, growth and constriction, is the point of perfect chaos. And it is where the potential of dreams is found. Thank you for supporting me stepping into this space.

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