Grove of Patrons

Redwood Woman

~In Gratitude for my Patreon supporters, I have created this Grove of Patrons~

Jessica Minah • Veronica Velasquez • Judith O’Grady • Anonymous • Kaeti Gugiu • DanceNyaad Tron • Duffi McDermott • Molly Remer • Alley Valkyrie • Karina B. Heart • D. JoAnne Swanson • Niki Whiting • Silence Maestas • R.M. McGrath • Jack Vivace • Morgaine Davan • Sarah Sadie Busse • Tony Rella • Jolene Dawe • Rain Crowe • Kay Zimmerman • Liz Morgan • Anonymous • River Grey


Thank you all for your patronage. You help make my work in the world possible. May your support ripple back to you in even greater measure.

If you would like to join these blessed humans, you can find my Patreon account here.


Why have I chosen Redwood trees to stand sentinel here? Well, I have a deep connection with them of course. But they are also a wonderful metaphor for supportive community. They are not ashamed to grow to be the tallest trees in the world. Yet their roots reach wide, and they nurture new growths from their own roots, forming beautiful rings of trees. And they not only survive, but thrive in the fires that inevitably sweep their communities.

All photos by Syren Nagakyrie

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