About Syren

Syren Nagakyrie is a  Polytheist Witch and Priestess, a feminist, herbalist, grief worker, writer, and bridger of worlds. She is the lead organizer of Many Gods West, a founding board member of Gods&Radicals, founder of the Shekhinah Mountainwater Memorial Fund, and a co-founder of Mother Grove Goddess Temple.

I do consulting work with non-profits and grassroots organizations to help them build and maintain structures that are sustainable while holding up radical (from the Latin for ‘root’) approaches. I also work with community builders, dreamers, cultural creatives, community organizers and activists to envision and bring their work into the world. I have over a decade of experience working with individuals, grassroots organizations, and non-profits. My work has encompassed all aspects and stages of an organization, with a special focus on: visioning; forming with non-hierarchical structures; completing all of the necessary paperwork and Bylaws; accounting; outreach; grant writing and fundraising. Please contact me to discuss working together!

I am myself a devoted community builder and activist, involved in a great many projects to bring people together. I am also a grief worker and see the loss of the ability to appropriately grieve in out culture as a major wounding. My first passion is and has always been writing. I’m also rather a Wandering Hermit, but I have fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest; my heart sings for the sea and my body yearns for the forest.

If you would like to support this blog and my work in the world, which I often offer as a gift, you can find me on Patreon.

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