A Brief Note on my Writer’s Craft

Given the intense and personal stuff I am writing lately (which has always been my MO, but there are a lot of new people in my life and following my work – thank you!) it seems I need to give an explanation/disclaimer.

Once I release a piece of writing into the world, it isn’t to garner sympathy, or to evoke any emotional reaction directed toward my personal experience.

It is usually because the story needs to be told, because it has worked its way out of me and is begging to be released. Because there is something in the story that I feel people need to read, and experience, and think about; something that may speak to them. Because, as I wrote in my poem Ecstatic Union:

All things seek their purpose,
their potential.
It is the craft of the writer
to help words reach theirs.

Once I release a story, it really isn’t even about me anymore. Yes, you may learn a bit more about me, or think you do. But stories are their own being. I want the stories to be appreciated for the being that they are.

This is what art is about.
This also applies to pieces of commentary and thought on critical issues. A single article does not represent the entire complexity of my position on any topic. That would take at least a book; as it rightly should for any of us.


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