You Should Totally Know Her

Rhyd has written some mighty kind things of me. My heart overflows.


It’s a bit odd to have someone obsessed with you. Well, a couple of someones. One of them’s written 22 posts about my work in the last 30 days. Apparently, I must be pretty important to them.

Of course, if anyone took up that much time in my head, my friends, lovers, and gods would all kindly point out that I might need to go for a walk. Or at least take a break from the internet.

But either way, I guess I’m glad to have given them something to write about?

Unfortunately, one of the two people obsessed with me also just attacked a friend of mine, which is kinda shitty.  But rather than get upset about it (who’s got time for so much anger?), I figured It’d actually be a good time to honor that friend, especially since they’re one of those people who hangs in the background…

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