I’ve had two blogs or more for quite a long time, and have often played around with various ways of maintaining them. Over the last year or so, I’ve written on my Blogspot blog about more “professional” topics; mostly articles and reviews on leadership, magic, events, and books. This blog has been more “personal”, with personal experiences and poetry. That’s been okay.

But I’m starting to write more again, and have some opportunities to share my work more widely. I’ve also attained more clarity around my ‘niche’ and voice as a writer. Maintaining two personal blogs doesn’t make as much sense now.

So I will be migrating the majority of my articles from my other blog to this site. If you haven’t read them previously, I hope you will enjoy them. And keep an eye out for some other announcements about my writing.

Here’s a beautiful photo for reading this, taken by yours truly:

Photo by Syren
Photo by Syren

Book Review: Asfidity & Mad-Stones a Further Ramble through Hillfolks’ Hoodoo


H. Byron Ballard’s second ‘little book’ Asfidity & Mad-Stones is a mighty thing. There is no fluff here. In its 200 pages, every sentence is a bite of wisdom, every chapter an open doorway into exploring a fading way of life. This Further Ramble into Hillfolks’ Hoodoo feels to me like a long wander through the mountains with a woman whose wisdom is as wide as a valley and as deep as a holler; every step and every word shared an intentional passing on of that knowledge.

The author’s roots in Appalachia are “deep and twisty,” going back generations. Growing up in a cove in the far reaches of a county in western North Carolina, she offers a perspective that is rarely found in the growing popularity of hoodoo and folk magic. Byron’s tales of gardening and exploring, of haints and land spirits, of signs and omens from a lifetime…

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