#28HourWritingChallenge : Cutting Off the Head of the Beast

V0045118 Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.Hour two

The temple incense rose from the sand lotus flower, wafting towards my in drawn breath. The candle flame danced atop its wick. I fixed Her image in my mind: black face, rageful loving eyes, wild hair, lolling tongue. I chanted an opening Om Ma, Jai Kali Ma…. and my face cracked, the tears fell uncontrollably while I sobbed, my face dropping into my hands. My heart shuddered, and instinctually I called in Kwan Yin. With Her hand upon my shoulder I felt my chest opening; ribs cracking open spread eagled with my heart fully exposed.

This feeling again.

Hekate was quickly at my left side, Her cool wisdom and guidance an ever present comfort. I settled in to the support of these three distinct Beings.

How do I manage relationships with these Goddesses from completely different traditions? Well, that is for another time… suffice to say, I do, and I love it.

I’m typing this on my laptop in my Temple room. I normally don’t do that – this is a no tech zone – but I needed to be in here.

This week – the Earthquake in Nepal, the uprising in Baltimore, the SCOTUS arguments on same-sex marriage. In addition to the work that I do every day. The pain of it all is overwhelming. And when things get bad, people true colors come out. The ignorance and bigotry is shocking.

Prayer isn’t enough. It will never be enough. I don’t care how many vibrations you raise – it will never be enough to change the system. But, at times like this, it is essential. Essential for my own well-being and essential to the Gods.

You see, the powers-that-be would like nothing more than for us to forget. Forget the Gods. Forget nature. Ignore the power that is inherently yours and the magic that surrounds you. Turn your back on all that is Sacred. It makes it much easier; easier to rape the land and tell you it is progress, easier to force you to put on the suit and leave the box you live in, to get into the box that carries you quickly past the land that has been destroyed, so that you can spend the day sitting in another box playing the part of a dedicated cog, to earn money to fill the empty box that your life has become.

Its time to chop off the head of the beast and dance on the fallen body of our illusions. This is not who we were meant to be.

Killing each other

because of the color of our skin

because of who we love

because of the sex between our legs

because of all of the boxes we put each other into

because that is what they have taught us, have done to us, have made us believe.

Its. Not. Real!

If you could see the enchantment that is available to you, the beauty of who and what you are, the power that you possess – Your chest too would crack open, your heart would expand outside of your body, busting every box you have been put into, exploding all around you in a thousand colors until you felt like you could hold the Universe in your arms.

And we would take it all back.

This Is Real. This is your birthright. This is who you were meant to be.

Let Us show you.


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