I died today.

There will be no outrage,

no social media campaign,

no protests in my name.

But I died today.

I didn’t even know he owned a gun

maybe he bought it

after I finally worked up the nerve to kick him out

though I don’t know who would’ve sold it to him

with the restraining order.

Y’see, it was the looks in the eyes

of my children

that finally did it;

That look scared me more than anything he ever done.

So after the last beating,

when I had to drive myself,

with the two littlest ones in tow

while the older ones slept in their beds,

to the hospital

black and bleeding,

I got that piece of paper that they said would protect me

(they even call it that – a protection order – y’know)

and told him to get the hell out of my house.

I set myself to makin’ things right –

Got the kids to school every day

before I went for my 10 hour shift

at the truck stop diner down by the highway.

But those headlights, are ones I didn’t expect to see.

They pulled up behind me as I was leavin’ for the night;

as I held up my hand to try to shield myself

from the blinding high beams

I heard the click

and felt the force that sent me to the ground

for the last time.

I died today.

But for me, there will be no outrage.

My name could be any of five*:

that’s the number of women

Like me,

but not like me,

that died like me


*based upon a 2014 report by the Violence Policy Center of women killed my men they knew


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