Lonely Planet

Image from The Wildlife News
Image from The Wildlife News

“How can you feel so lonely?

You talk to more Gods and Spirits than anyone I know.”

Well, there was that one,

at the the receding ancient lake

It’s memories breaking over me in waves

so desperate for someone to “See Me, Listen to Me,

We’re still here.”

And the one in the old park, so beautiful

wearing layers of artificial craft

“Look at how beautiful everything has been made.

See this path, see this house, see these amusements?

We’re still here, but you have made it beautiful.”

Then there were the ones

out in the barren desert

their bodies hollowed, their eyes sunken openings,

just like the mines on the land

they were attached to.

No, it is quite lonely

when you can best relate to ravaged and forgotten spirits

of a land that has long been used up

for all it has to offer.


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