Driving to Venus

Following the ragged coast
of our emotional spiritual feminine selves
The ocean waves crashing
against the frayed firm body
in violent ecstasy;
the surf a whisper, a moan,
a call to come home.

In the West, Venus glitters
Evening star, lady of mystery,
Inanna, Aphrodite,
She who dives to be reborn
Who touches the morning and the evening
to show the way in between.

Venus of love and pleasure and wealth.

The sun sinks into the drink,
casting a palette of rose and peach across the sky
as the violet and indigo of evening slides down from above
Venus rests in between, making love to the night and day.

We two stand at the liminal
Meeting place of earth and sea
Spirits resting in bodies,
Arms raised and feet planted to join in the union
Our prayers for love and creativity and truth,
seeding into the wind.

In the afterglow of kissing the mystery,
As the magic of combustion and electricity take us home,
Venus fades from the sky
and we feel a star reborn in our hearts.