The Lost Vessel

What is the truth your heart seeks to shout?

What truth lies so deep that you fear it?

Like a ship lost at sea

you circle it with the sonar of your intuition

Monophonic tones guiding you to its submerged body.

At this depth, you can only make out

its blurred outline

lacking definition

but the sonar blips

and your heart flips

and you know you have found

that which you seek.

You hover above

and send down the sub

umbilical chord linked to your mother ship.

The submarine sinks down

into these unknown depths

and tentatively probes

the long lost ship,

snapping hazy photos

details becoming clearer

the submarine rises

offering you glimpses of information.

Fear gives way to intrigue

for this ship appears to hold

treasures untold


which beckon to be known.

Emboldened, you begin the process

of retrieving this long lost vessel.

Diving deep

you reattach the chords

strap on the supports

and gently


raise it to the surface.


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