Peel me layer by fucking layer

Godsdamnit can’t you see?

That person over there –

Yeah, sure, that’s me.

Or perhaps the person here before you –

Yeah, perhaps.

Getting closer.

I’m throwing up my hands;

go ahead, chain and bind me

“Lord” knows you already have.

So you wanna play ‘hot or cold’?

Baby, I can be as cold as ice,

but I can melt you with but a touch of my hand.

Getting warmer

You’re still dying to know aren’t you?

Here, There, Everywhere

Nothing, Nowhere

I’m not anywhere

But I am everything

You want it don’t you?

You know you want it

Come on and get it.

Scratch the layers,

Tear at the skin

You can get to the core.

Those whispered sweet-nothings in my ear

Don’t mean shit to me.

Your desperate grasps amuse me.

Your claw marks on my skin are well laid tracks.

You toss me down,

I’ll throw you to the ground.

You like it rough and tough?

Baby, you ain’t seen nuthin yet.



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