Nature Awaits


Trees are not a tourist attraction

Nature is not a been-there-done-that

check it off the list

honey do.

It is best experienced silently

employing all of the other senses

some of which you may have

forgotten you had.


Hands to caress bark

fingering the crevices.

Toes to dangle into sweet, bubbling water

and dig into the sand.

Face and body pressed against trunk –

our closest connection with the Earth.


Scent rising all around you

the soft forest musk,

a deep earthiness of soil,

A breeze that sweeps through the bows

Carrying fir essence.


Eyes to take in the beauty

which can not be described in words

(so why are you talking anyway?)

Open wide

no, your eyes

and behold the ancient glory around you.

This is what you secretly seek.


Hear – no, listen –

what speaks to you?

Do you hear the raven?

The woodpecker in the distance?

The brook babbling below you?

Do you hear the voices of the trees?


Ah, but this may be a sense you have long left dormant.

Stop, Feel, Look, Listen.

Nature is calling for you,

It answers the yearning in your soul.

With a quiet solitude,

An ancient knowing,

A solidness of being,

That lies deep in your bones

at the core of y/our unconscious.




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