Mirrored Minutiae

I shiver into the abyss

pain coiled about me like a blanket.

A beast, cloaked in reflections

of a million shattered images,

hulks in the corner.


It turns to face me and suddenly

the images seem all too recognizable.

I struggle to wrest free of my bindings

as mirrors fall to the floor

in a cacophonous shattering of memories.


The walls of nothingness that surround me

are visible in it’s shimmering mirrored body.

Where is the light?

The angle of reflection equals

the angle of incidence.


The beast moves towards me

each image increasing in it’s focus.

Breathless and unmoving,

shackled by pain

paralyzed by fascination

I await the inevitable.


It lurches forward in the darkness –

What light could these images be reflecting?

And stands before me with animalistic breathing.


I raise my head to gaze

into all the mirrors and see

the light reflected.


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