Forbidden Fruit

A soft breeze teases my skin,

whispering promises of cooler days,

the sultry sun giving way to longer nights.

Beneath the orchard tree,

I listen to stories of secret futures.

The apple I eat speaks of the mysteries.

Her crisp skin

Resisting, then yielding

Releasing her juices

It covers me, enters me, embraces me

The sweet ecstasy of life.

Within her core:

the sacred symbol

A wisdom held fast –

The Deepest Mystery

is reached in joy and pleasure.


‘Bite into me’ the apple says

‘Take me in.

Within you,

I am.

Within you,

I descend.’

It is a great transformation, this knowing –

Death begets Life

Life begets Death.

This is the bitter sweetness of the Harvest

This is my gift to you.


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