Ephemeral Existence

Walking along the streets

Of this hustle bustle town

My body begins to call out

Feeling pulled in many directions

pieces of me begin to tear away

Smoky game room – my eyes

One is being used as a die

In a game of craps

The other, a cue ball

In a game of pool

Well I say

It is your game now

My cards are on the table

Wager what you may

It becomes your risk

I hope you are ready

Enter a pub – my head

Sitting in the jukebox

Doomed forever to look out

through the looking glass

And to play those tunes

the people pay to hear

And quickly forget about

Horrified my body begins to run

My legs taking it further from these images

And as I run on

My remaining parts begin to drift


My arms appear on the beach

that place where Water and Land

Air and Fiery sun meet

So they can swim forever

And be raised in eternal reverence

My torso becomes a tree

Beautiful and strong

Standing tall and proud

Among its sisters and brothers

And the tree is cut down

Used as logs in a pyre

Flames burning high

In this ephemeral state

My legs are still running

In endless circles

Running in spirals of uncertainty

Running away

And my Sacred organ shall be buried

Deep within Mother Earth

So no others may defile it

And it may Fertilize and Bless

the Earth

Blood Roses growing to mark the burial ground

And my heart?

My heart

Shall sprout wings



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