Banking the Heart


We banked each other

Depositing, withdrawing

Never thinking we could overdraft

that which was limitless and without condition.

We didn’t ask for monthly statements

The bank of the heart needs no reconciliation.

If one had to make a large withdrawal,

the other would make an equal deposit

sometimes plus or minus

But mostly, accounts balanced themselves.


Until a voice from the 47th floor

Sitting high above in his penthouse suite

A CEO who didn’t understand

the unlimited terms of heart banking said:

“You have overdrawn –

your account is in the red

and will be closed for lack of funds.”


Red, like the color of the blood that,

oxygenated by love,

flows through the vein.


We entered the stock exchange

and hedged our bets

buying low, selling high.

The trade floor is a dangerous place

far away from the local banking center

Where marks are placed on paper

Records of accounts are made

and cut throat tactics

define who wins and who loses.


I watched the ticker scroll by,

Stock falling and falling:

Until, we cashed in our chips,

Gave away our shares.

No bailout here

Though we tried

To pass a referendum


Emergency stimulus!

Memories serving as temporary funds

Reminders of what we had built

We tried to infuse the system,

stave off the crash.

It failed

The system crumbled

in a collapse that sent

numbers flying

supports falling

that laid us off

and left only words

and wounds.



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