Fires burn

And passions flame

Ignited by hatred

That burns so deep.


Never knowing what

Lies beyond the void.

Spirits channel and speak

to me beyond

their messages cryptically clear


Never saying anything


But I feel

It all

The flames lick me up

And down

And they speak

Speak tongues

That caress

And corrode


My being


My soul cries and cowers

In the corner of my mind

It fades

And Awakens

Acute Senses




Perched on the






By the impalement Pyre


And I drift

And melt

And fade




Licked clean

To death


Hung like a virgin


Humiliated Ashamed

On piercing chords

Spread eagled

For all to see

While they gape

And wonder

In awe at beauty

to see

In the Evil

Of the Darkside

Of the Flames



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