At the Precipice of Impermanence


Standing at cliffs edge,

grains of sand falling

away beneath my feet

to meet the waves below,

my arms outstretched

embracing the openness,

the emptiness,

the everything,

above and below.

The upward rushing wind

causes my hair to writhe

as the Serpents of the Gorgon

The Ravens perform aerial acrobatics

floating, twirling, diving,

a dance of black feathers

Mimicking the dance

of life and death

always in precarious intimacy.

One day, this cliff face too

shall be gone.

Rain and wind eroded,

succumbed to the movements

of the Earth.

As fleeting as desire,

as eternal as the energy that creates it.

I stand my ground at this precipice,

as the shifting winds surround me

the sand falls away

the waves crest and crash below.

At this place of liminality,

where earth, air, and sea

meet and dance together :

the power of impermanence




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